The Italian Association of Road Safety Professionals (AIPSS) is a not-for-profit association aiming at the promotion of road safety best practices and at the dissemination of road safety research results.

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Road safety professionals willing to contribute to such goals are invited to join us.

Bruxelles, 16 May 2019 -

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European Parliament, 06 December 2017: AIPSS participates at the seminar: "Autonomous Driving and its impact on society "

The answers to two questions posed by AIPSS highlighted the still large uncertainty about the future of autonomous vehicles

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Burgos (Spain), 01 June 2017 - Start of the H2020 Project SIMUSAFE!

AIPSS, together with its associates "Engineering department of ROMA TRE University" and "CTL - Centre for transport and logistics - Sapienza Università di Roma", is one of the 16 partners

The goal of SIMUSAFE (SIMUlator of Behavioural Aspects for SAFEr Transport) is to develop realistic multi-agent behavioural models in a transit environment where researchers will be able to monitor and introduce changes in every aspect, gathering data not available in real world conditions. This will also enable the evaluation of scenarios which are not possible even with naturalistic driving (dangerous conditions)

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Bruxelles, 31 May 2017 - ECOROADS PROJECT

AIPSS is promoter and partner of the project, that has been prepared and
submitted together with other International Associations.

AIPSS, together with its associates who participated in the project (ASTRAL -
Latium Road Company, CTL - Research Center for Transportation and
Logistics of the Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Engineering of the University ROMA TRE, NET Engineering spa) Partners from other 7 European countries, is proud to have contributed significantly to the upcoming update of the European Directive 2004/54 / EC (Road Traffic Safety) and 2008/96 / EC (Road Infrastructure Security), thus fully fulfilling its statutory mission.
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Roma, 16 January 2017

Seminar: "The Roads and Ancient Roman Engineering"

"Sapienza" University of Rome with John Walker and the Students of St. Thomas University

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2016: Petition to the European Commission for compulsory information about vehicles' stopping distance!.

Cars' advertisings already have information about their CO2 emissions: adding those related to their stopping distance
will raise the awareness on the risks associated with speed and consequently counteract dangerous driving behaviours.

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May 2016: Article on ECOROADS project published on Transportation Research.

Scientific paper dealing with effective and coordinated road safety operations
accepted during the TRA 2016 conference now published

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Geneva, 01 October 2015 - Consultation of Mr. Jean Todt, as Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Road Safety, with representatives of civil society

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Delivered by the Pilot4Safety project with the contribution of
several members of our Association.

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